About Us


Purpose and Membership


The first article of the United States Charter defines the organization's purposes and priciples as follows:

  • Maintain international peace and security

  • Develop friendly relations among nations

  • promote co-operation among nations for the purposes for solving international, economic, social, cultural, and humanitarian problems, and to promote respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, and; serve as center for harmonizing the nations in attaining these common ends.

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion (DEA&I)

As stewards of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UNA Broward County Chapter affirms its commitment to build a culture to engage and support all members and stakeholders regardless of race, creed, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, religion, marital status, political opinion, national origin, socio-economic status, or any other protected characteristics. Our goal is to ensure an organizational environment where members and stakeholders feel valued and empowered to support the principles of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

UNA Broward County Chapter’s Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Strategy seeks to strengthen our diversity and to ensure DEA&I across leadership, programs, community and college chapters, partnerships, and to build a culture of equity and inclusion in all that we do.



Through the work of its community-based chapters and over 100 affiliated organizations, UNA-USA creates a powerful national constituency for a United Nations that advances American interests in a global system. Individual members participate in a variety of grassroots initiatives focusing on U.N. issues including human rights, poverty, the environment, and global health.



As a converter for a wide variety of groups-business, academic, diplomatic, government, grassroots--UNA-USA provides a bipartisan forum for analysis and discussion on a wide range of global issues important to America's role in the world. These unique programs position UNA-USA as an incubator of new ideas and approaches for a more effective United Nations.



Coordinated by our Washington Office, UNA-USA advocacy efforts support responsible U.S. participation in the UN and other mutilateral international institutions. UNA-USA serves as a resource for the U.S. Government, monitors key international affairs developments in Congress, and disseminates timely "Action Alerts" on legislation. UNA-USA also coordinates an annual Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill.



Americans of all ages benefit from supporting UNA-USA. Our innovative classroom curricula for students in grades 6-12, the highly acclaimed Model United Nations learning experience, and public lectures and seminars sponsored by local chapters, are a few examples of how UNA-USA raises the public's understanding of global issues.


Members of UNA-USA receive "behind the scenes" news and information about the UN and global issues. Members are also invited to an exclusive event at United Nations Headquarters--our annual Members Day--in the spring of the current year.



  • A subscription to UNA-USA's "members only" journal, The InterDependent, with "insider" news and views on the United Nations.

  • Discounts on all UNA-USA publications and materials

  • The exclusive opportunity to attend UNA-USA annual "Members Day at the United Nations."

  • Discounts on selected UN publications

  • Invitations to participate in local briefings and seminars offered by UNA-USA Chapters and Divisions

  • information on participating in major UN events