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Governing Documents, Policies, and Guidelines

Here you will find documents that help leaders and members participate in different roles within UNA Broward. 



In 2022 updated Bylaws were voted on and in 2023 UNA Broward is reviewing this document according to UNA-USA's recent guidelines. A committee will be responsible for this process, members can share their feedback through a digital form and on May 9th, 2023; All Members Business Meeting. Attached current UNA Broward Bylaws. 


UNA Chapter Handbook

United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) provides the Chapter Handbook so that its leaders follow best practices and brand guidelines. 


Robert Rules

Robert's Rules of Order is America's foremost guide to parliamentary procedure. It is used by more professional associations, fraternal organizations, and local governments than any other authority. 


UNA Broward Member and Volunteer Policies

UNA Broward Member and Volunteer Policies is a supporting document from the Bylaws. The Purpose of it's to Promote an environment of order and alignment among leaders, members, and those who serve. 


Board/Committee Member Responsibilities and Agreement

UNA Broward Board Members have a fiduciary responsibility and the Board and Committee member responsibility and agreement document serve as a standard for those serving the Chapter. 


UNA Broward Communications Policies and Guidelines

Traditional and Digital Media at the United Nations Association of Broward County Chapter
(UNA Broward) is an integral communication tool to convey key messages to different
stakeholders. UNA of Broward Board of Directors, Members, Volunteers, Collaborators, and
Partners are our key advocates. While we encourage UNA Broward stakeholders to share UNA
Broward content on their personal network and platforms, it is important to remember that you
represent the organization and its values.
These guidelines are a reminder of the value of tact, discretion, care, and good judgment when
using different communications channels and personal digital media.

Let's Work Together

Requests for additional information, and/or report an infringement of the governing documents, policies, and guidelines, please email

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